Girl With Seagull: Duncan Gray

August 2019 – Statues & Sculptures

Thank you for asking me to judge this months entries. Please bear in mind that any comments or judgements are merely and expression of an opinion based upon experience and my own interpretation as to what makes a photograph stand out.

I was impressed by some of the work, especially in the beginner category. To see some beginners with an eye for creativity is refreshing.

I would have loved to have seen some intermediate submissions and perhaps some of this months beginners will now see that they are ready to be considered intermediate. The experienced section seemed quite sparse which is to be expected as many photographers tend to play down their ability.

To stand out in an experienced section also takes that extra something, so I apologise in advance if any of my comments seem harsh. In each category I have awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd and where I feel a photographer was brave, pushed out the stops but didn’t quite gain a place, I have awarded a commendation.

I have included some tips for taking shot of statues or sculptures which I hope some will find helpful.

My tips for capturing a statue or sculpture.

  • Think out the weather and time of day, if a sky is included it needs to be correctly exposed, and to add interest.
  • Take you time to look at the statue from different angles, is this a profile, a portrait, a study in perspective?
  • Check and double check the background. If the background doesn’t add anything then it will detract from the image.
  • Try standing back, using a zoom and maybe finding something to stand upon. (This helps avoid all legs and feet or conversely, no feet).
  • Keep it simple. You are trying to get the viewer to share a moment with you and so they need to be aware of the key element of your image.

Best wishes,



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