Cross Country by Duncan Gray

May 2021 – Diversity

Judge: Barney Douglas

Here we go again with a subject line that has produced a slightly smaller entry than usual, “Diversity”, and on this occasion, we are limited to entries in the Intermediate and Advanced classes only.

This is not an easy subject, and translating the subject name into photographic images has tested a few of you, but in terms of photographic quality, this is a well exposed and pretty well photographed set of images. Because the subject matter has given you all the need to perhaps “think outside the box” a little, there are some interesting interpretations of what is required. 



A reminder here that I am looking for more than just the photo. I am once again looking for creativity and there are some good images here. But because it is the Experienced group, I will tend to be more picky. Time to think outside the box. 


Just like last time eight images made my final cut. 

Again my top two are neck and neck, third is a tough call, but all eight are worthy of this selection. 

Commended: Cow Girl, Divers Houses  

Divers Houses would have been HC if the parallax had been spot on. 

Highly Commended: Racing Girl, Watchers 

Now I have a problem – there are two so close for third place ….

So in the end, they have to share that position … 

Joint Third: Diversity in the Clip Box … and Great to Meet You  

Two very different subjects, both meeting the competition subject title, and both worthy of this position in the battle. 

Second: Orange 

Brilliant image. Great concept and perfectly exposed. 

First: Cross Country 

Absolutely faultless. It gets first place on the basis of the split-second timing.

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