Monreal Street Scene – Duncan Gray

November 2020 – Allyways

Judge: Laura Woods

Hello all, firstly I want to thank Gwynn for asking me to judge this competition. It’s nice to be thought of, even though I’ve not been on the island in 2 years. Hoping to remedy that in April if all the stars align!

I hope everyone is staying safe during these tough times, I know it’s hard with the isolation and missing people and places, especially with Christmas around the corner. Hopefully a hobby like photography is keeping people busy, even through lockdowns.

The standard was, as usual, very good in this selection. I am a particular fan of images of alleyways, half-open doorways, stairwells… anything that leads the eye and lends an air of mystery and intrigue. I have loved these images since I was a child – always looking out for them in storybooks etc. Some of my most influential images growing up were of just such things. I was really excited to see all of your images, especially since I forgot to enter again! I had a lovely image of an umbrella alley in Slovakia to put in too! Oh well!

Thank you for entering, and for giving me a fun task to do on a rainy Sunday here in Ireland.