A Different View by Wendy Kerr

If you are reading this while enjoying a holiday here in Fuerteventura, why not take home a different view of Fuerteventura. Within the amazing mix of mountain and desert scenery there are many derelict buildings, one time homes of local people many years ago. These structures can prove to be great subjects for photos and lots of them are easily accessible.

Once you have located one, check out what is around it that you can include to add some interest, plants such as cacti or aloe vera. Old aloe vera plants can grow very tall and then start to fall over, as you can see all round the island.

Walk around the area, taking care underfoot as there is sure to be some loose rubble from the original building. Choose a view that you think looks best, and try a few shots. Access  the inside if you can as there may be a window to frame an outside view of the surrounding landscape. Interiors will almost certainly have something interesting , such as a fireplace, bits of wood or the odd beer can. Try shooting from the ground upwards, getting down if its practical or finding something to sit on so that you get the camera nice and low. Another tip is to put you camera on the ground , shoot and take pot luck as to what is produced.

If you are lucky there might be some local wild life that want to get in the picture too.

Early mornings and evenings are the best time for such photos, as the light at these times turns the traditional stones into a beautiful golden colour.

Look for long shadows too, but make sure one  of them is not yours by mistake.

Whether you are using a camera phone or a fully digital one, with a little care you should be able to produce some great photos of your stay here .