Bodega, Near Timanfaya: Wendy Kerr

April 2019 – Landscapes

Judge: Alan Hillman

Landscape photography shows spaces within the world sometimes vast and unending but other times microscopic. Landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature but can also focus on man-made features or disturbances of landscapes.

Judging Criteria

I will be looking for immediate impact,creativity,composition, depending on the category l will also be looking for: technical ability and competence.

I will assume in the main that in the experienced section there is intentionality. In the intermediate section I will assume that some advise would be useful. In the beginners I will assume that guidance and advise would be needed.

Judging is a personal view and I would encourage an open discussion on my views. Feel free to disagree.


What a good selection of pictures. They show an eye for a good picture and most are mostly well composed.


There were some very creative work in this section. In some of the pictures more thought is needed with composition. See the picture as the camera sees it. Think about exactly what is in the viewfinder including the corners. What is the main subject. Move to compose. Keep taking pictures and you will develop an eye for a picture.


As this is the section for experienced photographers I will assume that the pictures are as the photographer wanted them to be. I will also assume that you would be aware of technical issues. My comments will be therefore about the impact the pictures have on me and perhaps personal opinions about how I think they would be improved. I would welcome feedback and criticisms of my Judging and comments.

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