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We are currently holding monthly Zoom Meetings that are open to everyone, and all are welcome. To be able to join in you will need to be on our email contact list and you will be sent the link just before the time of the meeting. The details of all the zoom meetings for the year are shown below.

Times and ‘Themes’ are subject to change and members can volunteer to do presentations and request outings etc, for approval.

Date Event
1 December 2023 - 31 December 2023

December 2023 Competition

The theme for this month’s competition is: City Scapes

The urban counterpart to landscape photography, city scape photography captures images of city skylines or
sections of a town or city. These images can be taken during the day or night and usually feature large sections of a city. Wide-angle lenses can be used to achieve these shots, but telephoto lenses can come in handy as well to capture a smaller area of the city

Judge: Carol Sheridan
Closing date: 31st December 2023

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