Katherine:- Laura Woods

February 2020 – Portraits

Judge: Steve Goldsmith


Before we start beginners a couple of comments. Hopefully, you will find my comments helpful, there are a number of photographs where the background needs to be rethought, if you look at some of the work in the experienced section hopefully you will be inspired to greater photography. That said the quality was very good, so much so it was a real struggle to decide on a winner so eventually, I decided on 2 1st places a second and a highly commended.


As an overview, I would say great potential in all these photographs but there is an underlining problem with the backgrounds, not unsimilar to the concerns I expressed for the beginners. Wait till you see some of the experienced and be inspired to look not only at your subject but the background and your photographs will become pieces of art. Only six photos in this group and I suspect only 2 photographers so decided on a highly commended and a 1st for this section.


There are a lot of entries in this section and the overall standard has been excellent, however, there is a 1st 2nd and 3rd. Beginners and intermediates will see examples that will hopefully inspire them, especially with about the use of focus in backgrounds. There are obviously some studio type shots and editing in this section, but please do not be put off by this, you can make a pop-up studio at home for very little money, indeed I made a pop-up photo cube recently using an old black plastic box and a piece of coloured card that cost me £1.50. As to editing, and I understand the debate about should we edit however assuming you do, even with a camera phone there are some amazing apps for editing which either cost a few £ or are free, should you want editing software for your computer there are many and some high-quality ones under £50, ask your fellow photographers for their advice. Photography is a hobby come passion we can all learn about from each other. Enjoy your photography.

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