Mooonbass by Keith Vincent

July 2017 – Creative Photography

Judge: Tony Cook

Appreciating art or photography is a very personal matter, and so it’s also very subjective. What one judge may love, another may dislike. So it’s important that you keep on doing what you want to do, because you are the ultimate judge.

Having said that …..

  1. If your starting point is simply a snap, without attention to basic photographic technique, whatever you do to it the photo will simply be a snap. Quite a few photos in this competition were like this.
  2. Get an interesting subject, approach it creatively, use technique well, and you’re halfway there, whatever you do to the photo.
  3. Think about craft, art, soul. Craft is technique. Art refers to matters such as composition, lighting, framing, what’s in/out of focus, slow/fast shutter speed for effect. Soul is the YOU that you put into your photos. It’s the WOW, the standout, the “corblimey ain’t that special” elements. Take risks, do something different, be brave! And do this often so it becomes second nature. In photography there are many, many technicians and not many artists. Think: Which group are you in now, and where do you want to be? And how will you get there?
  4. Not everyone wants to excel, and not everyone wants to be creative. But for those who do, it’s important that you see other photographers’ work. The internet allows you to read lots, see a huge variety of photos, watch How To videos – all entirely free!




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