Royal Lounge - Ashok Nagrani

June 2022 – Light

Judge: Steve Goldsmith

Thank you for asking me to judge this competition, I thought that firstly I should explain the criterias I have used to judge the entries.

  • Is the photograph on topic, basically is it about light.
  • Can I see what the photographer is saying in their photograph, in other words can I understand their thought process.
  • Is the photograph original, the photographers own idea or is it a rehash of a common theme.

After setting out the three objectives, I must add that photography is a very subjective subject and often (as with a lot of art) different people see different things in a photograph, which is often not what the photographer intended, frankly that does not matter, provided the photograph has a positive impact on the viewer and they feel welcomed into the photograph, like a warm feeling.

There are no bad photographs only photographs that can be improved on. It is not my intention to be critical of anyone’s work but to explain how I feel about the photographs and hopefully we will all gain something from this.


Sadly only 3 entries here, likely to have come from the same person who is using a camera phone, (although 2 different phones have been used at different time intervals according to the meta data). When I view these photographs they all have issues with sharpness but setting that aside here are my comments.

There is no 1st 2nd or 3rd in this group, but if my guess is correct, that all 3 entries are from a single photographer, there is clearly an intent to take well thought out photographs, so please keep taking photographs and let other members see them, as constructive comments will help develop your photography.



Very difficult to select between the top four but hopefully you will agree (well at least some of you, as it is in the eye of the beholder) that I’ve chosen wisely.

Big drumroll, its results time.

I already said there was no winner in the beginners but here are my top of the pops for Intermediates and Experienced.


3rd place
First Light
Just tidy up the dust spots and sharpen the boat to improve this photograph.

2nd Place
Letter box shape works here and colours lovely.

1st Place and overall winner
Royal Lounge
Sharp, clear, on message and interesting.


Highly commended
Very difficult to select between the top four but hopefully you will agree (well at least some of you, as it is in the eye of the beholder) that I’ve chosen wisely.

3rd Place
Love it but totally accept some people may not, that’s why we’re all individual.

2nd Place
Stage Light
Great photograph just need to deal with the red light on left.

1st Place
Rainey Night
I mentioned the blowing out on the whites but I can forgive that for such a great photograph, and it was taken on an iPhone!!!

Thank you for allowing me to judge this competition it has been an absolute pleasure.

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