Orchid: Emiliyan

October 2019 – Landscapes

Judge: Steve Elliott



For the rest of the Intermediate Section I shall pool them together. Post processing! Leave it well alone. It really does detract away from pictures that already are nice. Imagine your photos as fine piece of furniture. Post process should really be the final layer of polish that finishes it off, not the Polyfilla that holds it all together.


Final Thoughts

Some really nice entries well thought out and created. The biggest thing for me was when shooting landscapes they need to be wide and expansive. They need clear and captivating scenes that make you want to wander in.

For me the overall winner of the whole competition has to be Orchid from the intermediate Section. By far the best image. Can only imagine what it could have been with a 3:1 crop though!

Keep up the good work folks and remember, no borders, change your point of view and keep those sensors clean!