View From The Road: Darren Price

April 2021 – Street Photography

Judge: Steve Elliott




By Steve Elliott

Street photography for me is one of the most difficult subjects you can take on. It can be quite intimidating taking pictures of total strangers, especially in today’s angry world.

When capturing street scenes there are a couple of things to remember. Keep yourself safe, and keep those verticals straight.

Unless you are in Piza, or the architect has purposely designed in walls and edges that go against the 90, tour photos must have verticals that are vertical. It makes them look more accomplished. More thought out. More professional.

Streets are big open spaces. Let the image breathe. Give the people space to walk into. Negative space is a great tool to use. It can really make your images explode!

My overall winner is View From The Road in the Intermediate category. It’s just a really different view of the world. Well done!   Steve Elliott