Checkmate by Paul Armitage

December 2021 – Games

Judge: Carol Sheridan

Hi, thank you for choosing me to judge this month’s competition. It was a little disappointing that we didn’t have any beginner entries. The standard in the experienced section, however, creeps ever higher. As there were so few entries in the intermediate section I have only awarded a single “Judges Favourite” as I feel to have a first-place among such as small field would not feel like a win for the photographer concerned.

As the subject of “Games” is open to much interpretation my judgment weighted the following key elements; Creativity, emotion, and focal point. In the experienced section, I also gave a little extra weight to technical quality. So here are the results and please remember this is my opinion based on my photographic experience and personal preferences. Another judge on a different day may see these images differently.



Highly commended – Poker face

Special mention – Victory hug;  

Third place – Beach ball;   Second place – Beach flipping;  First place – Checkmate;