Dorina by Laura Woods

June 2018 – Portraits

Judge: Adrian Egelton

I was pleased to be asked to judge the photographs for this month’s competition. Looking at the entries I am more than a little daunted by the quality of images. As discussed in the recent presentation my view of a good portrait is one that tells a story or reveals something of the soul of the subject. My interpretation of the artistic element of the photo is purely subjective and should be treated as such. There are great photos within the submission and hopefully everyone can learn something by looking at the entries and deciding for themselves if they like what they see and are able to identify how the shot was taken. For me, a couple of things really stand out; for a face to have depth the light needs to fall across it creating shades and shadows and that the background, whilst as important as the subject, needs to be carefully considered. I have learnt something from this and I hope others do too. 

Adrian Egelton