Early Bird by Markus Asschke

July 2018 – Flora & Fauna

Judge: Steve Elliott


Don’t forget as beginners, no amount of post processing will make up for errors or omissions in your knowledge. Think of the 3rds, think of the depth of field, sometimes less is more and can make an image far more striking. The best bit of kit you can have as a beginner and a professional is a prime lens. These are relatively inexpensive and will really add to your understanding..

 Make sure that your images aren’t too flat. That tall objects are either totally in or completely cropped in.

 Some good ideas and some lovely views.


Some fantastic ideas and great photos. Remember if you are shooting animals in an unnatural environment such as zoos its ok to go really close in and use a very shallow depth of field to hide the fences and enclosures.  The use of leading lines and depth of field made Early Bird a clear winner,