FV30: Keith Vincent

November 2018

Judge: Laura Woods

Hello everyone, once again thank you for inviting me to judge this competition.

I have been too busy to enter it myself, which is a shame, as I had some images in mind, but I’m glad I can be involved in this way. Really happy with the images submitted, some really good ones to choose from, making the job tough, as always!

I’m currently writing this and judging from a very rainy Portugal, where we have brought the small fella on a trip to get away from some of the cold Irish weather! It has been mostly lovely here though, but today is a bit of a wash out. Looking at all your photos has warmed me right up, and made me wish I was back in Fuerteventura, in the warm sun. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, wherever you’re spending it, and let’s hope 2019 is good to us all.