Love by Markus Aschke

October 2018 – Wall/Street Art

Judge: Carol Sheridan

A tricky subject, especially so for a beginner as it is tempting to just point the camera at wall art and click. Intermediate and even experienced photographers can also find themselves challenged by this subject matter as they struggle to find that shot that grabs their audience and makes their shots stand out from the crowd.

 Some tips that can be applied to all Wall Art/Street photography;

  • Don’t be afraid to incorporate people or other objects into the Frame
  • Capture the essence of the art, try to convey the way it makes you feel.
  • Use a wide angle lens and take your time finding that new angle or perspective.




I have been taking photographs since I was 6 yrs of age and as a semi-professional photographer specialising in press, wedding and event photography have many years of experience and a sound knowledge of most areas of photography. I have enjoyed judging this competition and trust that some of my comments will be helpful. It is important to remember that one judges first prize may not be that of another judge. I do feel that technical ability in the beginners section is something to be judged less harsh than in intermediate or experienced sections and likewise I was seeking more creativity and insight from the experienced section.

Thank you for providing me with the privilege of being able to judge this months competition.

Carol Sheridan